Transition to College

When I was very young, I was told that I would never be able to attend college. I already surpassed that statement! My transition from high school to college was not as hard as it was from the rest of my education years.

From the very beginning of my high school years, my parents knew that I should attend Brookdale Community College as my college. Honestly, I agreed with them about this for many reasons: I knew I was not into dorming, this college is not only small in size, but classes are small-size too, and all the resources the college provides would be helpful for me. Within the beginning of my senior year, I received a letter in the mail one day, and it was from Brookdale Community College. It turned out to be a card that my friend, Ashley wrote to me; The picture of the letter from Ashley is below. I didn’t know this before, but I learned she was working at the recruitment center at Brookdale. During the fall of my senior year in high school, I attended Brookdale Community College’s open house with my dad and my brother. I attended because I learned from Ashley that was was giving tours of the campus. She was really amazing as a guide that day of the open house! My dad asked her many questions, and she provided detailed answers about the college. She really helped me look forward to my college years. I couldn’t thank her enough that I even got to see her a couple of times as soon as I started attending there!

My high school friend, Ashley A, wrote to me this letter! She was already attending Brookdale Community College, while I was still in high school at that time.

Halfway of my senior year of high school, I filled out an application to attend Brookdale Community College, and I was accepted to be a college student there! I officially was gonna be attending college, which would forever be one of my biggest milestones in my life! I took the Accuplacer placement test in the spring season, in which I did purchase a practice book to practice for this test. I will say that based on my results from the test, that I had to start with all remedial courses (introduction courses), before taking any courses for my career major. I was so disappointed because I knew how terrible I am at exams, like state or placement tests. Eventually, I learned to not let it hold me back because I am bright in my own way.

Then, I took another important step to transition into my college years. My parents and I knew right away together that I needed to register with the disability services at Brookdale Community College. The case manager of the disability services at Brookdale Community College worked really well with my family and I, such as about my alert form. The Alert form was my form in which had all of my modifications and accommodations in it. At my very first meeting with the case manager, I told right away what I needed to do well at college. For instance, I knew already that I needed preferential seating and extra time on assessments and assignments, since I can’t see far anywhere and I need more time to complete everything. Not only did I get my alert form established, I even was able to register my courses with them. You can read on more about this in my blog story, “Brookdale Community College”.

Most importantly, I am so thankful about my decision starting college through a summer course-term. That’s right, I started right after high school, and started my college years through a summer course-term! I decided to take one class over the summer, as soon as I graduated from high school, to see how well I would do in college. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized with my migraine condition, Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome, the second week of my class and of college in general. I did not give up though! My older sister helped me out by emailing my professor back and forth. Fortunately, I had a nice professor for this class and worked really well with me. I was taking an math introduction class at the time. Overall, I passed my first college class, despite of missing a week of my first class.

In all, families, friends, educators, and etc can help people with disabilities transition into college in many ways. For example, taking college courses slowly and build on taking more, as when they feel ready to; I took a summer course right after high school, and eventually became full time by my 2nd year. Plus, I highly recommend for people living with disabilities getting registered into the disability services at their attending college because they provide resources and helpful guidance towards the future. I worked really well with my case manager of the disability services at my college that I succeed at college.

I really thank my family and my friend since high school, Ashley, for helping me with my transition into my college year. Also, I thank to all who have been there for me, every step of the way during my college years. Fast forward, I graduated from Brookdale Community College back in May of this year as a distinguished scholar and part of National Society of Leadership and Success! Please also check out my blog story, “Brookdale Community College”, to get more insight about my college years.

May 16th, 2019: I graduated from Brookdale Community College!

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