The importance of Literacy

Growing up, I struggled with reading comprehension. My language development took so much longer that my comprehension was not always great. I grew over the years by reading books I’m interested in, getting extra support in literacy during my school years, and practicing my reading comprehension skills in workbooks. Here are a few important tips to help Autistics with literacy:

  1. Teachers: help Autistic students pick out books they are interested in while knowing their reading level.
  2. Parents: read books to your Autistic child aloud at home.
    • They can use their auditory to develop vocabulary from books read aloud.
    • Reading aloud helps bond relationship between parents and child as well.
  3. Parents: purchase workbooks that allows your Autistic child to practice literacy skills.
  4. Teachers and Parents: practice various literacy skills with Autistics in school and home. These are some skills that recommend to teach and practice often:
    • matching skills
    • sorting
    • creating scrapbooks
      • This allows Autistics to use their organization skills, develop imagination skills, and practice other various skills in this activity.
    • the alphabet
      • Parents and teachers: use visuals and associations for Autistics to remember the alphabet. This helps improve for Autistics to make connections when reading stories.

Literacy is applied in every aspect of life, from home to school to work. Just like anyone else, Autistics can develop their literacy skills.


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My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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