Interview with Sara Bradford on SJ Childs Show and author of children books about Inclusion

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is focusing on needs of every individual and ensuring rights are in place for people to achieve their fullest potential in life. No matter who people are and where they come from, they are respected and accepted in the world. Now allow me to share the next guest of my guest interview series:

Sara Bradford is a wife to a husband with Aspergers and a mother of 3 children on the autism spectrum. Her family experiences with autism have shed a light of inclusion in the world. As a result, Sara created a show known as “SJ Childs”. Also, Sara is an author of 7 children’s books that provide a message about inclusion, accepting differences, and loving people as themselves. Her children books include characters of children with disabilities based on people in her life, which makes her books so real and raw. Check out the interview I did with Sara:

Check out Sara Bradford’s “SJ Childs show” and her published children’s books here:


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