Interview with Antonio Aponte as an autistic marketing specialist/video editor and co-creator of NTICI app

Did you know autistic people have many skills and talents?

Autistic people are very driven and dedicated in everything they enjoy. When autistic people work in careers based on their special interests, it takes them far in life. This truly has for this next featured guest:

Antonio Aponte is an autistic self advocate who works with Full Spectrum ABA. He has been representing Full Spectrum through his main role as their marketing specialist and video editor. His special interests and talents of video editing and photography have driven him to help the company create an app called “Nuerodiverse Training in Creative Industries” (NTICI). To learn more about Antonio and the app he co-created for Full Spectrum ABA, check out the interview here:

To learn more about Antonio and his role with Full Spectrum ABA, go into this link here:

What are your skills and talents? Do they apply in your current career, or are you looking into a new career where you can apply your skills and talents? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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