My Interview on”Bridge The Gap” YouTube TV show

December 2019, I bridged the gap! I was interviewed by Mrs. Jessica Leichtwieisz, an Autism professional, ABA therapist, and CEO of Hope Education Services. My interview came out online back on Sunday, December 22nd at 9pm. Jessica created a YouTube, TV show called “Bridge The Gap”, in which adults living with Autism come on asContinue reading “My Interview on”Bridge The Gap” YouTube TV show”

Evening event with Temple Grandin

Faces 4 Autism, an Autism organization in south NJ, hosted an evening event with Dr.Temple Grandin, on Tuesday, December 17th. Temple Grandin is an incredible woman who lives with Autism. She is an animal science professor at the University of Colorado, creates engineer designs for meat plants all over the U.S, and performs keynote speechesContinue reading “Evening event with Temple Grandin”

NJ Autism Think Tank Group

As of September 2019, I have been a member of the NJ Autism Think Tank Group. It is an incredible, Autism committee group in which is making a difference for individuals living with Autism through policy initiatives and research from various kinds of educators throughout the state of NJ, the USA, and around the world.Continue reading “NJ Autism Think Tank Group”

Autism Speaks 2014 Campaign Commercial: MSSNG

It is the 5 year anniversary in which I was a model in for the well known organization, “Autism Speaks”. Back in 2014, when I was 16 years old, I was chosen to be a model for their campaign commercial through an email that my dad received at work. An employee from Autism Speaks emailedContinue reading “Autism Speaks 2014 Campaign Commercial: MSSNG”

Sensory Seeking and Sensory Sensitivity

When it comes to living with Autism, individuals including myself can display sensory seeking and/or sensory sensitivity. Demonstrating one of these or both are signs/symptoms of living with Autism. In the picture above, it provides various examples of sensory seeking and sensory sensitivities that could occur for individuals living with Autism. Although, not everyone livingContinue reading “Sensory Seeking and Sensory Sensitivity”

Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns

Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns are a couple of signs/symptoms that are well known for people living with Autism. They may be similar, in terms of how the individual’s self-control is affected. However, they are completely different, based on the environment and the individual themselves, like their personality as an example. As an individual living withContinue reading “Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns”

Disability Employment Awareness: My Employment Story

Every year in October, it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. During this month, special education organizations and services all over the country and world are continuing their efforts to increase employment for people living with disabilities, as well as spread awareness about the importance of having employment. In honor of this, I will shareContinue reading “Disability Employment Awareness: My Employment Story”