Teacher Appreciation

Happy Teacher Appreciation!

I want to take a moment to thank all of my professors, teachers, and teacher assistants that I had throughout my education. Every kind of educator has made an impact on me in their own ways: from building my leaderships skills to helping me discover my passion for the Education field as my future career. I had so many positive and unforgettable experiences throughout my education, so I will forever be thankful for everything they have done for me. I cannot wait to see what my life has in store for me! Thank you and Happy Teacher Appreciation!

Therapy Dogs

On Thursday, May 2nd, I attended a Therapy Dog event at my college, Brookdale Community College, for their anti-stress week. The moment I saw each of the therapy dogs, I was so excited to see them! I will admit that I was kinda shy at first to pet them, but I believe the dogs sensed my shyness, so they just came right by me, to let me know in my mind that they will not hurt me. Also, I had to remind myself in my mind that the dogs are nice and friendly, like my own dog, Snowy. Once I started petting them, they automatically made me feel happy and calm. Therapy dogs really do provide so much comfort and calming effects!

To anyone with Autism or any other disability who ever felt shy or scared to pet an animal, such as a therapy dog, please understand that it is ok. It took me a long time to pet animals, like my own dog, Snowy. I learned from this event and other experiences with animals that dogs are so emphatic and understanding in their own way that they get who people are as individuals. If you ever feel down or scared about any animal, remember they are here to be a friend and guide for you. It will take time, but they really will make you feel better about yourself. I am so thankful that I got to attend this event at my college!

Autism Speaks Commercial: MSSNG


In November 2014, I was 16 years old when I approached by a worker from Autism Speaks and requested that I be featured in their commercial called, “MSSNG”. I learned that the commercial’s message was to promote research for Autism. My parents thought that this was a scam because people would not get opportunities like that, so they had to check on Google to make sure that this worker was actually a worker from Autism Speaks. It turned out that this worker was actually a worker from Autism Speaks, so the email was valid. I thought to myself that never in my life I would be part of a commercial before. I will never forget that I screamed with happiness and was jumping up and down about it!

It was an amazing experience being filmed for the Autism Speak’s Commercial! I was filmed for their commercial at Silver Cups Studio in NY, where famous movies were made in, such as God Father 2. My parents and my little sister came with me inside the building to see me get filmed. The building had a bunch of levels, so the level that I was filmed for the commercial in had a cooking show set, a small kitchen area for people to have snacks and stuff, and other studio rooms. I was in a studio room where there was a green backdrop and a wooden chair on one side of the room, and workers from Autism Speaks with their professional cameras on the other side of the room. I was directed to model while the director was zooming a professional camera on me back and forth. My parents and my little sister watched me being filmed from in the studio room next door, since it had a glass window into my studio room. My little sister was laughing the whole time about the camera being zoomed back and forth on me, haha!
I will be honest, it was hard for to stay still for so long, but I was so happy to be getting filmed. The director of the commercial and the other workers from Autism Speaks were very nice to my family and I throughout this experience. Overall, I am so glad I got to be a role model for people with Autism by representing in the Autism Speak’s Commercial.

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