Interview with Amber White as neurodivergent BCBA

Dreams can become a reality by setting your mind and heart to it. Let me tell you that it truly has for my latest guest: Amber White is an neurodivergent BCBA in Texas. Growing up, she knew she was different, but was often misdiagnosed. Her expereinces working with the neurodiverse population helped her learn moreContinue reading “Interview with Amber White as neurodivergent BCBA”

Interview with Marissa Davila as a BCBA in ABA telehealth

Did you know there are ABA therapy companies who mainly use telehealth? Meet my first guest in the new year: Marissa Davila is a behavior analyst and founder of Blanton Behavioral Services LLC. She is not like most behavior analysts who run their own ABA therapy company because she mainly provides telehealth for clients onContinue reading “Interview with Marissa Davila as a BCBA in ABA telehealth”

Interview with Kay King about work as a BCBA

What is a BCBA? A BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who works in various settings and applies principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). BCBAs provide services and interventions to help shape and modify an individual’s behavior. Now that we learned about a BCBA, let me tell you about this guest in the guestContinue reading “Interview with Kay King about work as a BCBA”