Instructional Strategies for teaching Autistics

What are some strategies for teaching autistics? After receiving my ASD diagnosis around the age of two, my parents got me early intervention services. My early intervention services included all kinds of therapies, in which I received seven days a week. Evidence-based practices were applied, which helped me tremendously. Today, I apply evidence-based practices intoContinue reading “Instructional Strategies for teaching Autistics”

Assessments for ASD

How does a child or adult get evaluated for ASD? What kind of assessments are involved? During the age of one, my parents were recommended by a neurologist that I should get evaluated for ASD. My parents wanted to know what was going on with me in regards to my development, so they followed theContinue reading “Assessments for ASD”

Perede Patricia

This guest story is by Miss. Perede Patricia. She is an educator who teaches to students living with Autism in Nigeria! She is very passionate in bringing out the best in every Autistic child. Autism is a developmental disorder, which affects the ability to communicate and interact effectively.  Autism is also known as Autism SpectrumContinue reading “Perede Patricia”

David Sharif’s topic: Pandemic Perseverance

What does “Pandemic Perseverance” mean to you? As we all know, the past year has changed our entire world because of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone had to adapt and make changes, but we learned we are strong in our own ways and together as a community. David Sharif comes back to share this important topicContinue reading “David Sharif’s topic: Pandemic Perseverance”

Interview with Andrew Maggio on self-advocacy, public speaking, friendship, and inclusion

Growing up with Autism was not an easy task for Andrew Maggio. There were obstacles that he had to face, some without choices. With help from his support system, he became the person he is today. To learn more about Andrew, come check out the interview here:

Interview with Cassidy Hooper on self-advocacy and employment

Cassidy Hooper is an Autistic and Turner Syndrome self-advocate from Northeast Mississippi. She is a young adult on the autism spectrum and lives with a rare genetic condition called “Turner Syndrome”. She was diagnosed with Autism around 17 years old and was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at 9 days old, just a little after birth.Continue reading “Interview with Cassidy Hooper on self-advocacy and employment”

Interview with Sue Abramowski about self-advocacy and Human Services field

Sue Abramowski is an autistic self advocate who works in the human services field. She currently holds three positions: She assists others who are autistic, who have developmental disabilities, or who have mental health diagnoses. She truly is a hardworking woman! In her free time, Sue is a gamer and enjoys tinkering with her AndroidContinue reading “Interview with Sue Abramowski about self-advocacy and Human Services field”

Interview with Rachel Barcellona about Disability Advocacy, Board Member of several disability organizations, and Beauty Pageants

Rachel Barcellona is a well-known, Autistic advocate who advocates for people with disabilities. She has a project called, “Ability Beyond Disability” and the mission of the project is to help individuals living with disabilities see themselves beyond their diagnosed disability/disabilities and to encourage them about accomplishing anything. She is a model and has competed inContinue reading “Interview with Rachel Barcellona about Disability Advocacy, Board Member of several disability organizations, and Beauty Pageants”

Interview with Nicole Endersby about Special Needs Photography business and “A Special Life” Podcast

Mrs. Nicole Endersby is a mom of three boys. Two of her boys have Autism and one has ADHD. She resides living in Texas where she and her husband have a media company called Endersby Productions. A big part of their company is giving back to the disability community through a program they call theirContinue reading “Interview with Nicole Endersby about Special Needs Photography business and “A Special Life” Podcast”

Interview with Taylor Duncan about Alternative Baseball Organization

Taylor Duncan is the CEO of Alternative Baseball, and he lives with Autism. Because of Taylor’s special interest in Baseball, Alternative Baseball Organization was created and provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to play Baseball. To learn more about Taylor and his Alternative Baseball Organization, check out the interview here: To learn more about AlternativeContinue reading “Interview with Taylor Duncan about Alternative Baseball Organization”