Interview with Chou Hallegra on Mental Health Advocacy and Mental Health business

Mrs. Chou Hallegra is a mental health advocate. She has her own mental health consulting business called, “Grace and Hope Consulting”. She is an author of several books, a keynote speaker, and a certified life coach! To learn more about Mrs. Chou Hallegra, check out the interview with her here: Here is Mrs. Chou Hallegra’sContinue reading “Interview with Chou Hallegra on Mental Health Advocacy and Mental Health business”

Interview with David Sharif about Autism Global Advocate, Autism Global Project, and Employment

David Sharif demonstrates being an Autism Global Advocate through his longest interest of traveling and his experiences as a keynote speaker. There is more to this that makes David an Autism Global Advocate, including his plans on being more involved in the Autism Global Project organization. Watch the interview with David to learn more aboutContinue reading “Interview with David Sharif about Autism Global Advocate, Autism Global Project, and Employment”

Jesse Saperstein

Jesse Saperstein is a young man who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is part of the Autism Spectrum. Jesse is an Autism and Anti-Bullying advocate. He performs keynote and motivational speeches about living with Asperger’s Syndrome and other various topics across the country. Plus, he is a best-selling author of these well- known books: Atypical-LifeContinue reading “Jesse Saperstein”

Interview with Jesse Saperstein on Autism/Anti-bullying advocacy and plasma campaign project

Jesse Saperstein truly shows how dedicated he is in the Autism community and all of his work for the plasma campagin. I did an interview with Jesse, so come watch the interview here:

This Is Autism

I am beyond proud and excited to share about being in a published book called, “This Is Autism”! The book provides various perspectives, including my own, about living with Autism. The book was published by Ms. Jessica Leichtweisz, CEO of Hope Education Services, and Aidan Allman-Cooper, Founder and Chairman of Special Education Committee of AdvocatesContinue reading “This Is Autism”

Jeff Snyder

This guest story is by Jeff Snyder, a young man on the Autism spectrum from Massachusetts. He is a social media influencer and an Autism self-advocate. He has provided keynote speeches on various topics in special education. When he is not contributing in the Autism community, he works as a janitorial and stores operations specialistContinue reading “Jeff Snyder”

My Top 5 about being a woman living with Autism

Autism is an neuro-developmental disability diagnosed more in boys than girls. When it comes to being a woman and living with Autism, it can be an interesting life. These are my 5 top when it comes to be a woman living with Autism. I have to work harder than most people. If you read myContinue reading “My Top 5 about being a woman living with Autism”

My Interview on”Bridge The Gap” YouTube TV show

December 2019, I bridged the gap! I was interviewed by Mrs. Jessica Leichtwieisz, an Autism professional, ABA therapist, and CEO of Hope Education Services. My interview came out online back on Sunday, December 22nd at 9pm. Jessica created a YouTube, TV show called “Bridge The Gap”, in which adults living with Autism come on asContinue reading “My Interview on”Bridge The Gap” YouTube TV show”