From A Picky Eater to A Healthy Eater

When I was younger, I was a very picky eater. My parents had a hard time trying to get me to expand my food palate because I only ate any foods made of carbohydrates and sugars. For example, these were some foods I ate daily because they were my favorites: fried syrup bread (fried french toast), banana with sour cream, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pizza, mac & cheese, oreos, and M&Ms. I ate only these foods in and out of home, that was how picky of an eater I was. For example, when it came to packing lunch for camp, since I used to attend camp as a kid, I always told my grandma I only wanted to take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or banana and sour cream. That was it! As you can tell, any of these foods I ate were not the best foods to eat.

I did not start eating healthy until I was in high school. With my mom’s help, I learned to expand my food palate; I needed to learn to eat protein/meats, vegetables, and fruits. When I first started out, my mom wanted me to eat my favorite foods only three times a week. For instance, I remember learning to eat eggs for breakfast; It was hard for me to have eggs all the time, so having fruit salads as well helped me learn to change up my meals for breakfast that were healthy. In all, I learned a lot already and the beginning of my healthy eating journey was not easy. I remember I used to get frustrated because I had days in which I rather have my favorite foods than foods I were eating now at this point, such as asparagus and meatballs. Eventually, I learned to mix my favorites within vegetables and proteins/meats, like having chicken and broccoli with cheese, and having fruits instead of oreos and candies for some meals (ex: breakfast, snacks, and desserts). I will say again that it was not easy to change my eating habits, but I was determined. Towards the end of my high school years, I started learning to bake and cook because I was so proud of my transformation, and I was inspired to learn to cook and bake from TV cooking and baking shows that I watch on Food Network channel and Cooking channel.

Today, I’ve learned so much about healthy eating over the years that I currently eat mostly gluten free foods and all-natural foods. Plus, I learned other skills, like baking and cooking healthy foods with various tools and equipment, and not eating in a routine. I will be honest, I tend to eat my favorite foods on special occasions, vacations, and holidays, but otherwise, I still eat healthy for majority of the year. Overall, I believe I really transformed from a picky eater to a healthy eater. Please check out my slideshow of foods I bake and cook for my family and I!


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