Learning about living with Autism

Throughout my life, people have been surprised to know and learn that I live with Autism. In this blog, I decided to feature stories about meeting and/or learning about someone living with Autism from my own life. I hope these stories will inspire and bring hope to those who are just learning about their own close ones living with Autism, thus not feeling alone when it comes to learning and understanding Autism. Here are different stories people have shared about me as their friend or classmate living with Autism:

Jenna G: “When I first learned Michelle had autism, I didn’t find her any different. I don’t think having autism makes you different than what you portray. I remember Michelle telling me and explaining to me how she was a child to now, and I can just say, she has grown. Although I only have known Michelle since the 8th grade, I can say that autism has made her a better person, inside and out. She has become so open about it, answering questions, and being so positive about it. Michelle has taught me to be courageous, to be open-minded, and to ALWAYS have a positive outlook on everything. When something doesn’t succeed the first time, don’t give up. Just try again. Thank you for being an amazing best friend, and person you have become.”

Hilary G: ” To me, having a friend with Autism is exactly the same as having a friend without Autism. I met Michelle in 7th grade and she has been one of my best friends ever since!!! When I met Michelle, I had no idea she had Autism until she told me she does and she shared her story. Michelle is the sweetest person ever and she is an amazing friend!!! I’m so glad that we have been best friends for almost 9 years. I don’t know what I would do without Michelle. She is a really important person in my life and is an inspiration to me!!!! I love you Michelle!!!!”

Bree O: “Your an actual angel and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you. I love how open you are about your story and everything. Never change.”

Gabby D: “You were a really great friend and are still a really great friend. You helped me out a lot of ways, especially when you became successful in life.”

Once you have met someone with Autism, then you learned to know someone with Autism. I understand how it can feel when it comes to meeting or learning about someone living with Autism, and these stories can be similar towards about anyone living with other disabilities. Remember though that it’s only part of who they are.


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My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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