Interview with Nicole Endersby about Special Needs Photography business and “A Special Life” Podcast

Mrs. Nicole Endersby is a mom of three boys. Two of her boys have Autism and one has ADHD. She resides living in Texas where she and her husband have a media company called Endersby Productions. A big part of their company is giving back to the disability community through a program they call their #EndersbysHeroes. They transform children with disabilities and their siblings into superheroes for a photoshoot experience. These are free sessions and are done through events. They enjoy putting together events for the disability community, advocating and sharing their experiences through their podcast “A Special Life,” social media and now YouTube channel. She enjoys helping others and is about to finish writing her first book “A Special Life: Our Journey Through Autism.” The self-published title will be released during the Holiday season through Amazon, Audible and Kindle. Scott and Nicole hope to be able to one day employ adults with disabilities in their media company, that is a big goal of theirs. Check out the interview I did with Mrs. Nicole Endersby here:

To learn more about Endersby Productions and maybe want to get your own family photos done through this amazing family, here is their website:

Follow and check out Mrs. Nicole Endersby’s “A Special Life” podcast on her YouTube channel:

Lastly, check out some articles and magazines that the Endersby family were featured in:


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