Interview with Rachel Barcellona about Disability Advocacy, Board Member of several disability organizations, and Beauty Pageants

Rachel Barcellona is a well-known, Autistic advocate who advocates for people with disabilities. She has a project called, “Ability Beyond Disability” and the mission of the project is to help individuals living with disabilities see themselves beyond their diagnosed disability/disabilities and to encourage them about accomplishing anything. She is a model and has competed in beauty pageants ever since she was a little girl; She’s the first contestant to compete in Miss Florida with autism, and the first for Miss America. Currently, Rachel serves as a board member for the following organizations: C.A.R.D. USF, Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Els for Autism Center of Excellence, Dyspraxia Foundation USA, and works with The Global Autism Project, Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for Autism and Victoria’s Voice Foundation, all of which have impacted the lives of families every where. To learn more about Rachel, check out the interview I did with Rachel here:

Here is Rachel’s website to check out:

If you want to read Rachel’s story in “This Is Autism”, you can purchase the book on Amazon through this link:


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