New year with strong start

I am so thankful for everyone that came on as a guest on my blog last year. It truly benefited the community so much, and I will make sure to continue providing guest stories and recording guest interviews real soon. In this blog story, I decided to share some personal insights about what has been happening for me lately.

Despite entering into a new year with the pandemic still around, I have been doing really well! Ever since November of last year, I have been really proud of myself for going back to pursue my bachelor’s degree through Purdue University Global. I am doing their full, online undergraduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Everyone has been so supportive about my journey towards my bachelor’s degree, and it motivates me a lot! I am about to finish my first semester, and I am acing my courses. The challenges in the beginning were learning to balance everything again. I have been doing my college courses on the weekends, while spending time with my family and trying my best to keep in touch with everyone I love. I have been keeping up with my other commitments as well: Autism Specialist Focus Group, “Ask An Autistic” webinar series, and NJ Autism Think Tank Committee group. Plus, I still have been keeping up with my blog! I admit I still have to learn to take a step back from everything and relax a little here and there. Although, I must say, I am doing a great job with everything, and I am proud about where I am at.

Last but not least, I was awarded back in December 2020 at my work, “Best Support Staff of 2020-2021”. It is a huge honor for this school year, despite with everything going on still with the pandemic. Thank you everyone so much for continuing to support me in my life journey and my blog, and I will share more kinds of blog stories in this new year!


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