My biggest change: new life in Florida

March 27th, 2021: Pool day at community clubhouse before celebrating Passover the same day! #PassoverinParadise

After almost 20 years of living in New Jersey, my family and I moved to Florida in mid-March of 2021. I experienced ups and downs with this change. I was stubborn and stressed out by the amount of cleaning I did for my old house, inorder to keep it clean and maintained, and the amount of packing and loading of moving pods while studying for college. I was crying sometimes too. I had some emotional attachment to my house that I have grown up in. Plus, I knew I was going to miss my friends and all of my best friends in NJ, NY, and Staten Island so much! You know who you are! Most of all, I knew was going to miss my younger brother, since he still attends college in New Jersey; I know I will be with him real soon. On the other hand, I knew in my mind I was so ready for the change in environment. More importantly, I was ready for a new fresh start in my life.

Now that I have been living in Florida for almost a month, I have been adjusting well. I have been video chatting with my older sister and younger brother every week, once a week. I love the warm weather and sunny days! There have been some cooler days, but I still spend time out. I have been outside and active with my family. For the most part, we have been going for walks everyday. I have been going to the community clubhouse to hangout by the pool and hotub. Inside the community clubhouse, I have been playing pool. I have been exploring around my new home town, such as the giant mall center, main street, parks, and etc. I live in a town where there are endless things to do!

I cannot wait to make so many memories in Florida! I look forward to meeting new people and reuniting with some people I have known since high school who live in Florida. Cheers to a start of a new life journey in Florida!


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3 thoughts on “My biggest change: new life in Florida

    1. Thank you so much!! So far, I am enjoying Florida. My blog platform has existed for almost a couple of years now, and it has been expanding! I love how much my blog has been helping and bringing the community together. 🙂


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