Interview with Kirt Manecke as an author and online course creator

Who knows someone who creates an online course based off a published book?

Meet the last guest on “The World of Autism” for 2022:

Kirt Manecke

Kirt Manecke is an author of a book that gained a testimonial from Dr. Temple Grandin! Not only that, his published book inspired him to create his own online course to help neurotypical and neurodivergent teens & young adults for employment. In this guest interview, we talked about the importance of social and job skills for gaining and maintaining employment. Check out the interview I did with Kirt:

Here is the link to Kirt’s website where you can purchase his book and online course:

Do you have any questions you want to ask Kirt about his book and online course? Share your questions in the comments section! I’ll get him to answer any questions you have about his book and online course that was not answered in the guest interview with him.


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