My name is Michelle Vinokurov. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, diagnosed with Autism when I was two years old. My Autism affected me in various ways: I lacked eye contact, I was nonverbal until I was six years old, I had temper tantrums, I liked everything in a routine, I didn’t like anyone to touch me, and I was pretty much in my own world.

Today, I am an Autistic self-advocate who shares my journey on the Autism spectrum as a keynote speaker. I am a highly, dedicated paraprofessional with experiences working with students with disabilities in public school district settings. Plus, I am working with an ABA company, known as Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis (FSBA), through several roles. From blogging to being on their high needs support ABA treatment team, I am committed to making an impact on the lives of Autistics. I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with concentration in ABA through Purdue University Global.

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