Halloween can be fun and scary! From watching horror movies to dressing up as monsters/villains as examples, it can be an interesting holiday. On the other hand, it can be mostly scary for people living with Autism.

On Halloween, there is a lot that has to be prepared for someone living with Autism to enjoy the day. The top 10 suggestions and advice for a successful Halloween are provided in the photo above. Although, the number one important rule to always remember is to understand your child or student first; Some things can work for some people living with Autism and some not. Not all of the suggestions will work for your child or student, but the ones above are suggested because they can commonly help those living with Autism.

When it comes to Halloween for me, I always had a planned trick or treat route when it came to walking around with my siblings in my community. My family and I would discuss about our planned route before leaving our house. Also, I learned throughout the years about dressing up as anything I wanted to. It takes time to teach someone living with Autism to be imaginative, like when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, but do not give up on us! For example, I had years in which I created my own costumes, such as being Captain America, since I love Marvel movies. As mentioned, do not give up on modeling creativity and imagination because we can be so creative and imaginative. People living with Autism can be very, creative individuals than people think.

For parents, educators, and anyone else helping individuals living with Autism, please understand our personal needs and preferences. They are important for a successful Halloween and for success everyday. Anything you do will make a difference for someone living with Autism.


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My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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