Sensory Seeking and Sensory Sensitivity

When it comes to living with Autism, individuals including myself can display sensory seeking and/or sensory sensitivity. Demonstrating one of these or both are signs/symptoms of living with Autism. In the picture above, it provides various examples of sensory seeking and sensory sensitivities that could occur for individuals living with Autism.

Although, not everyone living with Autism will show the same kind of sensory sensitives and/or sensory seekings, so keep that in mind. As for me, I experienced a lot of sensory sensitivities. For example, back in NY, whenever my parents took me into stores for shopping, I went through meltdowns. Please know that highly, sensory sensitive, individuals could have an overpower reaction to the environment. For instance, they may not like the lights in the store, the amount of people in the store, or even the sounds and smells in the store. Recommendation for all who are with an individual living with Autism is that to take them to a smaller store, not large stores. Everyone should take note in their mind about their individual living with Autism, especially in the environment that they are in, because you will notice what makes them seek for what they want or what they do not want (due to their sensitives).

No matter what the individual living with Autism is displaying, everyone should learn, understand, appreciate, and accept their sensory seeking and/or sensory sensitives. For parents, understand that your sensitive child/children may feel, see, or hear things that you do not. For all helping an individual living with Autism, make sure to teach them to express how they feel. Communication is valuable and important to understand each other as human beings. Also, to use positive language; This will send messages to the individual living with Autism to help them learn to appreciate their unique being. It’s all about working together; It takes a community to help an individual living with Autism.


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