Evening event with Temple Grandin

Faces 4 Autism, an Autism organization in south NJ, hosted an evening event with Dr.Temple Grandin, on Tuesday, December 17th. Temple Grandin is an incredible woman who lives with Autism. She is an animal science professor at the University of Colorado, creates engineer designs for meat plants all over the U.S, and performs keynote speeches about animal science and Autism.

I first learned about Temple Grandin when I was in 6th grade. I watched her documentary on HBO with my family and family friend at my family friend’s house. After learning about her through her documentary, she has been my role model. Through her documentary and her various books that I have read, she demonstrates about living with a unique mind. She teaches to everyone that she is an individual like everyone else, who is living in the world that we live in, in her own way.

Meeting my role model was incredible and unforgettable!!! She was an outstanding speaker! That evening, she presented about the importance of developing various skills and interests for careers and employment, for individuals living with Autism. She has a great sense of humor, in which she demonstrated a lot throughout her presentation. She has excellent knowledge of engineer design for meat plant factories. Her explanations about the need in the education system for teaching various hands-on skills, when teaching to individuals with Autism, is so true. I love her so much!

Thank you Faces 4 Autism for an amazing, evening event! If you want to follow Faces 4 Autism, they can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, if you want to learn more about Faces 4 Autism as an Autism organization, here is their website: https://faces4autism.org/


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