Autism and Medications

There is no exact cause for an individual to be diagnosed with Autism. Also, there is no cure for Autism. Autism is lifelong. Not only that, there is no direct medication for Autism either.

Medications for individuals living with Autism are used to treat co-occurring issues: OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Seizures, and other medical health issues. Signs and symptoms of Autism can interrelate with other issues. For instance, Temple Grandin, who is a well-known woman living with Autism, has been taking medication for her anxiety for over 20 years, and she has shared in various books about how her anxiety medication has saved her life; She experienced anxiety due to her sensory issues, so she knew she needed medication to help reduce it. Medications serves its purpose to help individuals living with Autism reduce issues, such as anxiety.

Individuals living with Autism, families, and educators needs to understand and be aware about the purpose of the medication and the side effects of an medication before taking them. Educational and behavioral interventions should still be used while taking medication. Please make sure to consult with a doctor before taking any medication.


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