Transportation and Traveling skills

Visual board about various kinds of transportation and steps for traveling.

Whether learning to drive or take any other kind of transportation, such as a bus or plane, understanding the different kinds of transportation is extremely important to navigate in the world. It also demonstrates the importance of knowing the following: using maps and GPS, such as Google GPS. I use Google’s GPS all the time to get to new places, such as the school where I work. Google’s GPS is so visual and guided that it can help those who are visual learners to learn to get to any location. Everyone has to be able to listen and follow directions to get to where you need to get to. Punctuality and time management are important to understand, so please know that it is important to know when to get to one place to another, like to work or a community service/event.

Individuals living with Autism like structure, especially using step by step directions. Step by step directions is how the majority of individuals living with Autism process information. I learned that if I see landmarks (objects), this helps me towards getting to my next place and towards the end of my driving route, which is my school I work in. For example, seeing a church means I will be turning left soon and that I am about five to ten minutes to being at work. Understanding and being aware of when and how to get to places is important, so teach as much as the individual can learn to process on their own. The visual board picture above demonstrates to individuals can learn about their environment while on the road, whether in the car or even on the bus. They will see all of these pictures anywhere they travel.

Overall, individuals learn and become more aware of their environment as they learn, so getting involved in the community is valuable. The right kind of support is necessary to learn about various kinds of transportation and travel skills, in order to reach as much independence for the individual as possible. Any kind of accommodations and modifications should be used of course, based on the individual. With the support of educators and families, the right kind of push is necessary to teach individuals living with Autism kinds of transportation and traveling skills.


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