Different Kinds of Thinkers

The world is full of various thinkers. This applies to individuals living with Autism too.

There are various kinds of thinkers:

Temple Grandin’s presentation for Faces 4 Autism back in December 2019.

Our minds have various kinds of thinking processes. The following types of thinking processes that make us these kinds of thinkers are: Visual, Pattern, Verbal, and Auditory. People could be just Visual thinkers, be Visual and Pattern thinkers, any other combination of thinking processes, or just one of the other kinds of thinking processes . For instance, Temple Grandin is a photo realistic thinker who loves to invent and design through drawings. Her mind is possess of this kind of thinking since she was a little girl. On the other hand, there are individuals living with Autism who are Verbal and Auditory thinkers. In all, anyone can be just one type of thinker or can have multiple types of thinking processes.

Parents, educators, and other professionals who help individuals living with Autism, you will notice that individuals living with Autism can possess a unique mind. Our mind’s thinking processes are developed early on in childhood years, just like anyone else. The world needs all kinds of these minds to solve problems and make the world more peaceful.


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