Interview with Ryan Litchfield about Autism and Epilepsy, Blogger of “Ryan’s Voice”, and Autism Peer Specialist

Ryan Litchfield is a disability and health advocate who has grown up with Autism and Epilepsy. He blogs about himself through his own blog, “Ryan’s Voice”. Recently, he has been providing guest interviews to have friends be featured on his blog! That is awesome! Ryan’s main job is being an Autism Peer Specialist. I am beyond excited to share that I am collaborating with Ryan as one of the co-facilitators for his Autism Focus Group Committee! The focus group will be all about Autism peer specialist and certification development, and the group is through the Global Autism Project! Thank you for all that you do Ryan! Check out the interview I did with Ryan here:

Here is Ryan’s blog, “Ryan’s Voice” to follow:

Here is Ryan’s YouTube Channel to follow and watch all of his guest interviews:


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