Life in the Middle

A well-known concern from families is about having more kids after finding out their child was diagnosed with Autism. The answer to the question is that siblings are your Autistic child’s best friends for life. I know because I am the only one out of four that is Autistic in my family. I share being in the middle with my brother! Here is a picture of my siblings and I:

Samantha (my older sister), me, Jonny (my brother), and Ariella (my little sister) after graduation for my Associate’s Degree from my community college back in May 2019.

I always been known as the middle kid from the start. My older sister, Samantha, is two years older than me. Back in Brooklyn, NY, Samantha was the first sibling to know about my Autism diagnosis. My brother, Jonny was born 6 months after I was diagnosed with Autism the same year. He is a couple of years younger than me. In 2010, Ariella came when I was in 7th grade in middle school. Ever since Ariella came, my brother and I have been the middle kids in our family. As mentioned earlier, no else in my family is Autistic. I want parents to know that children are born differently, and it varies family to family. No matter what, love them as them. I love my siblings because they always loved and accepted me as who I am, and they still do today.

Siblings provide ongoing support for Autistics as they navigate in the world. Even though I’m further away from Samantha and Jonny now, since living in Florida, they still always help me out with anything when needed. Siblings create inclusion for Autistics in all kinds of environments and activities. Growing up, my siblings and I would watch Marvel shows & movies together because of sharing the same interest. It felt like our sibling bond time, so we still keep it going by watching them together via live stream on Disney Plus over video chat. Siblings can help increase overall mental health for Autistics. My siblings always keep me going to pursue my dreams and always provide great advice to me from their own experiences. Best of all, siblings love and accept as Autistics as best friends for life! My siblings will always be my best friends for life.

Is anyone else a middle child in their family? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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