Online college education for Autistic students

As graduation season is approaching and already occurred in some places around the country, Autistics students in high school are getting ready to begin a new journey. Today, there are so many routes Autistics can take for their college education. The most important tip to remember is to choose based on strengths and format of college, from learning style to services provided by the college. Ever since beginning my 100% online Bachelor’s degree program as a college student through Purdue University Global, I have been really enjoying my experiences so far. I get to attend class live and see my professors once a week. I complete assignments and take exams on my own time, but by a deadline date. This is good because it provides me structure while working at my own pace. My professors have been really responsive whenever I ask them questions, such as during live class or virtual office. I get feedback from my professors on every assignment once graded. Best of all, I still get to work full time as a paraprofessional for elementary school students with disabilities while growing my education. I shared some personal benefits of attending college  online, so here are a few benefits of attending college online for students on the spectrum:

  1. Private classroom setting: Autistics can stay more focused than in person, traditional classroom setting because of lack of distractions, such as noises.
  2. Controlled and familiar environment: Autistics have the  freedom to choose an environment they want to learn in and avoid the stress of unfamiliar social situations.
  3. Self-pace and flexibility: Autistics can take advantage of working faster if assignments are not difficult and slower when needing more time to work on assignments.

Do you think Autistic students can excel online in their college education just as much as in person? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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