4th of July

This year’s 4th of July is coming back to how we used to celebrate 4th of July. From watching fireworks to having BBQ parties, it is a fun holiday. Although, this holiday is one of the many holidays that can be hard for Autistics, due to social interactions and/or sensory sensitivity.

When it came to our 4th of July parties with my cousins, I always had a blast! Sometimes my family would host 4th of July at our house, or I would go to my cousin Ashley’s house. Although, I recall not enjoying the fireworks in person when I was younger because of the noise. The fireworks were so loud that I would always cover my ears! For years, my family and I would watch the fireworks live on TV. Who can relate with me about this?

Everyone can enjoy great holidays like this one! Here are some tips to make this holiday more friendly for everyone to celebrate:

  1. Discuss about it! Any social stories about this holiday would be important to share to Autistics, so they know what is expected and general knowledge about the history of this holiday.
  2. Go through old pics from this holiday! Going through pictures about what goes on during this holiday with the family can help Autistics be prepared.
  3. Be prepared for anything! This means to have everything that an Autistic child or adult needs, from noise cancelling headphones to fidget or stimming toys. If going to see fireworks in person, make sure to prepare an Autistic child or adult by watching fireworks on YouTube, so the volume can be controlled. Also, make sure there is a relaxation area in the environment when needed for an Autistic child or adult.

As asked earlier, who can relate with me about being sensitive to loud noises, such as fireworks?

I hope everyone has a great and fun 4th of July!


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