Interview with Timothy Rohrer on Disability Inclusion

What is disability inclusion?

The CDC (n.d) shares the meaning of disability inclusion as allowing individuals with disabilities be part of society just like everyone else. Examples of disability inclusion includes the following: individuals with disabilities being employed in the workplace, participating in school clubs and activities, playing in games and sports in the community, and etc. Everyone has the right to be involved in the world. By working together, the world can be a more inclusive place for everyone to live in. Now let me introduce to you a guest that I interviewed in this blog story!

Timothy Rohrer is a young adult on the Autism spectrum from New Jersey who is impacting lives of individuals with disabilities by advocating for disability inclusion. Ever since he created his own disability inclusion pamphlet, he grew into an advocate known as “Tips4Inclusion”. He is a keynote speaker who has shared his journey on the Autism spectrum and other topics in special education for various school districts and organizations throughout New Jersey. He creates videos on YouTube about various topics in special education, including inclusion. He is an author of a book, “Timmy’s Story: A Story about Autism and Friendship”. In this guest interview, we discussed about his journey on the Autism spectrum and the importance of disability inclusion. Check out the interview I did with Timothy here:

You can follow Timothy Rohrer as “Tips4Inclusion” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Here is the website for visiting “Tips4Inclusion”:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (n.d). Disability Inclusion. CDC.


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