Interview with Mrs. Bella on Music Intervention

What is music intervention?

Music intervention is a kind of intervention in which helps autistics with self-expression, such as their feelings and emotions. Quintin (2019) shares that music evokes circuits of rewards and emotional responses in an autistic brain, which are released from the inside out. Music intervention has proved to help autistics improve their social interactions in the world. Now that we learned the importance of music for autistic individuals, lets learn about my next guest that I interviewed for this blog story!

Mrs. Bella is a music teacher from the United Kingdom. She became the second guest on my blog who was featured from outside the U.S. In this guest interview, we discussed about her experiences as a music teacher and providing music intervention for autistic children. I thank her for all she does as a music teacher for autistic children. She is incredible! Check out the interview I did with her here:

To learn more about Mrs. Bella’s Autism Music Academy, here is the website to check out:

Mrs. Bella can be followed on the following social media accounts:


Quintin, M.E. (2019, September 18). Music-Evoked Reward and Emotion: Relative Strengths and Response to Intervention of People With ASD. Frontiers in Neural Circuits.


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