Brookdale Community College

I decided to attend Brookdale Community College after attending their open house day, which was back in Fall of 2016. One of my friends from high school, Ashley, was giving a tour of the college campus, so she gave me and other future students a tour; She provided information about the college and shared her own experiences there, while giving the tour. Also, I decided to attend Brookdale because I wanted to attend college in general, and I knew the college was close to home. Brookdale Community College was where I created all of my college experiences.

Back in summer of 2016, I started my college career at Brookdale. That’s right, I started right away after graduating from high school! I had to take some remedial courses before taking courses in my major, due to the results of my Accuplacer college placement exam. At first, I felt very disappointed that I had to take so many remedial courses before taking my major career courses, but I learned eventually it was ok. These courses ended up benefiting me because it helped me developed skills that I had a hard time with before, such as reading and writing skills. Plus, I received tutoring through the disabilities services at my college because any student who was registered through them received that option; I am glad I had tutoring in the beginning because it helped me learn to time manage my college studies and my job. I highly recommend students with disabilities to register with their college disability services department because they work with you about your accommodations and modifications. After my first year of college, I was happy I finished all of my remedial courses!

In my second year of college, I started taking my college major courses, and I decided to get involve in the college community. I knew getting involved the college community would help me get to know other students attending the college, and expanded my resources and opportunities for my major and my future. I was a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and Education Club. In my last year of college, I took on being Co-President of the Education Club; I provided and hosted informative meetings, events, and opportunities for future educators and para-educators. From these clubs and organizations, I made new friendships and received many opportunities through the club/organization advisers, such as getting to do field experience observation and internship field experience in my town’s school district. People need to get involve on their college campus to expand their horizons and gain experience for their future.

Throughout my time at college, I spread my courses out, so I would not take so many within the same semester; This helped me a lot with not getting overwhelmed nor stressed out as much. I learned to take my hardest courses in the summer terms, since it was only one course I would have to focus on to do well. Since my college has three summer term options, I took four summer courses in total and in all summer term options: one course back in 2016 (summer term 1 -> 6 weeks), one course in 2017 (summer term 3 -> 6 weeks), and two courses in 2018 (one in summer term 1 -> 6 weeks & the other in summer term 2 -> 1o weeks). In the winter term, since it’s a 10 day term between fall and spring semesters through my college, I took courses I felt I can do really well with in a short amount of time. I took two winter term courses in total at my college, the first one was in person and the other was online. Plus, as of summer of 2018, I took four, college courses of my major online. I demonstrated that I was self-dedicated to do my college work at home. I aced every single of my online courses that I took! In all, I took every term and kind of class option (in person and online) that was available at my college.

About taking online courses, I loved taking courses right in the comforts of home. My house is a calming environment for me, and I actually have gotten more work done at home than I do at college. I had my days in which I gotten frustrated because I did not understand the class material, but my online professors were very resourceful, and they let me use my accommodations/modifications, such as extended exam time. I know this may not work for everyone, but if you feel you have the ability to teach yourself the class material and are dedicated to balancing the college work at home, I recommend taking online courses. Also, I highly recommend for students with disabilities to spread their college courses out because it will help balance college work and other life responsibilities, such as employment. Spreading out my college courses helped me get through college.

On Thursday, May 16th, 2019, I graduated from Brookdale Community College! I graduated from college with a 3.9 GPA. I am thankful for the opportunities and services I had received, and for the amazing professors I had throughout my time at college. I will carry on the skills and knowledge that I learned from college, and into my career as a Teacher Assistant/Paraprofessional.


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