NJ Autism Think Tank Group

As of September 2019, I have been a member of the NJ Autism Think Tank Group. It is an incredible, Autism committee group in which is making a difference for individuals living with Autism through policy initiatives and research from various kinds of educators throughout the state of NJ, the USA, and around the world. I was invited to become a member of this committee group through my education professors who I had for my education courses at my college. They thought about me because they knew I could continue to help lives of families and individuals living with Autism through my own life living with Autism.

The past couple of months have been amazing so far with the committee group. It’s been wonderful getting to know various kinds of educators! I have been learning the process that it takes into policy initiatives and continue to learn about Autism in the education system through members of the committee. For example, I learned that for action to take place, it takes time, no matter how long it takes. Also, it takes dedication to have the action occur. Through this group, we are coming up with solutions to problems or challenges that lives of individuals with Autism are still facing in our society today, by our actions as a team. I look forward to continue networking and collaborating with members of this group to make an impact on lives of individuals living with Autism.


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My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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