Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Everyone has a lot to be thankful about not just on this day, but everyday. As for me, I am thankful about my life: the milestones and challenges, the good and bad experiences, friends and family, and etc. Individuals living with Autism are just as thankful as everyone else, especially for all that everyone does for them.

However, holidays like this one are not always easy to get through, depending where on the Autism spectrum the individual lives through. Every individual living with Autism is different for how they think and react in general in an environment, including on a holiday like Thanksgiving. One of the ways to help an individual living with Autism through this holiday is using a visual board. A visual board, such as this one below, can be very helpful: from learning to transition from one activity to the next, and to increase communication.

Thanksgiving visual board!

There are many more ways people can do something that an individual living with Autism will be thankful for you about. Check out these suggestions below to make this holiday special and memorable for all living with Autism.


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