The world during Coronavirus

Important words people living with Autism should know during Coronavirus.

I never thought the Coronavirus would affect the whole entire world. Everyone has to stay home for their safety and health. Schools are closed, leaving children to learn remotely online. Stores are limiting the amount of customers in their stores, as well as everyone wearing masks everywhere they go. I’m writing this story because all of us have been home for a little over a month now, and I can relate to how this personally affects individuals living with Autism.

It’s very understandable about how people living with Autism and/or other disabilities and illnesses are thinking and feeling. To start, due to the extended amount of time being home, routine of going out somewhere has been put on hold. Plus, anyone that is learning remotely from home can be struggling. Regression occurs for individuals with Autism on the serve side of the spectrum if they are not receiving their valuable, intensive education. It is important for everyone to know that all of us are in this together. Anything we do to the best of our abilities is important, and to be safe and healthy. We must continue to have routine in our own homes like we did anywhere else.

Educators and other professionals are forced to teach remotely online, which they are trying to do to the best of their abilities. They are doing beyond their expectations, and make time outside of school hours to help students learn, so appreciate our education system for all they do already and beyond. As for parents, they become more than just parents. They serve as everything to their child while home. I want everyone to remember this: you can try to recreate what is originally been created in original environments, like recreating a school environment at home, but you should allow a child to be a child.

My personal experiences during this time is to make the best of my time at home. I’ve been doing alright myself. I still work out as I have usually have done so in the mornings. I have been spending time with my family. I reach out to my cousins and all of my friends by text or social media to know how they are doing and everything, as well as video chatting. I am working my job from home. I help my little sister with her remote learning. During times like this, anything we do is acceptable and nobody should tell you different. We support each other no matter what.

We can all get through this together through trust, kindness, and support. Wishing everyone to be safe and healthy while at home! Here are some activities for children to do while at home:


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