Autism Month

Every April is Autism month. Although, everyday is journey for all Autistics. Over the years, the community has been pushing for the world to go from awareness to acceptance and advocacy. Acceptance becomes more than just awareness and appreciation because it becomes everyday living. People learn to embrace others with no judgements. Also, people learn to show compassion, sensitivity, and empathy towards others. Here are some ways to grow on acceptance and advocacy:

  1. The world needs to keep in open mind.
    • Get to know every individual as themselves beyond their diagnosis while keeping in mind. Embrace with love and no judgements.
  2. Make the first approach towards Autistic individuals.
    • EX #1: Parents should encourage peers to say ‘hello”, find out shared interests, and ask to play games with them. This can help create more friendships!
    • EX #2: Workplaces should ask Autistic employees about tasks in the workplace itself that match with their strengths. Communication is key, and this can help create more inclusive work environments!
  3. Develop programs, services, and events to meet needs of Autistic individuals.
    • EX #1: I was in a social skills program created by my speech language pathologist in my middle school years, and I learned to make my own group of best friends.
    • EX #2: Utilize Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) of Autistic students in generalized environments within schools, such as specials, academics, and etc.
  4. Create organizations to bring the community together.
    • EX #1: There are many great organizations throughout the U.S that are designed to meet the needs of families and autistic individuals. Organizations vary state by state.
    • EX #2: Social media can be utilized for support groups for everyone! Bridge the Gap!

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