100th Blog Post and Blog Anniversary!

Today is a big day for the blog, “The World of Autism”! I celebrate 100 blog publications now, and its the blog’s 2 year anniversary! Want to know how the blog was created!?

The blog was first created back in spring of 2019. I was thinking of ideas for my social media class when I was attending my last semester of my community college. My mom thought of an idea that I should create a blog about my life experiences being Autistic. Plus, my mom shared a blog would help me improve on my writing skills. That was how the blog came to be!

The blog was originally just about my life experiences being Autistic. Over the past couple of years, it became more than just that. The blog came to be as it is today, thanks to everyone’s’ contribution in the community! By providing various experiences, this helps our world with increasing awareness, appreciation, acceptance, and advocacy.

Get ready for more of the following here on “The World of Autism”: my life experiences being Autistic, guest interviews from everyone in the community who are impacted, guest story blogs from self-advocates, information about Autism, and etc.


Published by The World of Autism

My name is Michelle. Follow my journey on life with Autism.

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