Skills and Talents

Temple Grandin’s presentation for Faces 4 Autism in December 2019.

Just like everyone else in the world, individuals living with Autism have their own skills and talents. These skills and talents can be very helpful to turn into careers. For example, anyone who loves drawing can go into many art careers: Art Teacher, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, etc. As I have mentioned in my last blog story, “Different Kinds of Thinkers”, our thinking processes are developed in early childhood and so many careers today use one or more kinds of thinking processes. Thus, people can develop many skills and talents too from them and can be useful in the world. Our thinking processes helps us realize our skills and talents, and it is really important to recognize them throughout our lives.

Growing up, I knew I enjoyed school a lot. Even though it was difficult for me to communicate, I always enjoyed learning something new. Later on, I developed many good friendships with people I am still friends with today. You know who you are! My experiences throughout my education taught me I would always be a life-long learner. In high school, I discovered more of my passion to help students with Autism and other disabilities. I volunteered a couple days a week in a program for students with Autism and other disabilities for half of my high school years. In college, I did field work in regular and special education classrooms. From there, I am in my career today: working in a classroom full of elementary school students with Autism as a Paraprofessional. I even have discussions with some of my friends who I have been friends with for a long time, and they work in a similar field as me. My patience, perseverance, hardwork, kindhearted, and dedication reflects anywhere and everywhere I go, no matter what. Anyone can learn to recognize their own skills, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. In all, experiences matter to develop on everything about ourselves.

Parents, Educators, and other professionals who help individuals living with Autism, having special electives in our schools, (examples: Art, Music, Cooking, Woodshop, Computer Coding, etc.) are valuable to be successful in the future. These electives teaches an individual to develop hobbies and activities, and encourages to use them in their lives everyday, from career to it being part of themselves. Plus, encourage about extracurricular activities in school and out of school. Parents, please get your child involved in the house and/or even community. I did a lot myself throughout my school years, such as doing taekwondo in elementary and middle school years, to volunteering for students with disabilities in high school. I gained interests, passion, and developed dedication for what I love to do today. Skills and talents come throughout our lives and can always be developed.


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