Ways to teach young children with Autism

Here is a picture of approaches that anyone can teach to young children, not just with Autism:

Temple Grandin’s Presentation in December 2019 for Faces 4 Autism.

These approaches should be taught very early on in an individual’s life, especially for a child living with Autism. No matter who you are, a parent, professional, educator, etc., anyone can teach with these approaches to children. I understand from a professional perspective about why we do not say the word, “NO”, that often. I learned that the word, “NO”, serves as a positive punishment, which means reducing undesirable behavior. It is absolutely normal that we do say that word, so I encourage everyone to give instructions, that way we can explain to the student/child the reason behind the behavior. For example, if the individual is doing their homework as told to, use that as a teachable moment to explain to them that since they are doing their homework right away, they will have more free time later. Do not forget to praise them too! On the other hand, if they are not doing their homework right away, explain to them that they won’t have as much free time later if they do not do their homework right away. Clear instructions and teachable moments can help any individual develop.

Parents, Educators, and any professional working with an individual living with Autism, simple and clear instructions should be told when needed to to the individual. Most importantly, please be patient and kind to an individual living with Autism. We want to communicate and work with you, just give us a little time to respond and take action. Encourage us to communicate with you through motivation and reinforcement. Most importantly, your behavior matters as much as the individual’s behavior, so be aware of yourself and observe their behaviors.


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