Book Review: Rules by Cynthia Lord

What does this book make you think of? The book title can explain itself, but its more than just about that. The perspective in this book comes from a neurotypical person having a sibling living with Autism; The sister’s name is Catherine, whose perspective is told from in this book, and her brother’s name is David, who lives with Autism. This story describes so much about what it is like to have a sibling living with Autism and helping them navigate in the world.

This was the first book I ever read that was a fiction book that teaches about Autism. The book title itself demonstrates about one of the characteristics of living with Autism; We have to be taught things because not everything comes naturally, depending on the signs and symptoms of the individual living on the Autism spectrum. It’s great that the author of this book is a mother who has a child living with Autism. This was not the main reason though that made me read this book.

The reason I chose to read this book is because of my little sister, Ariella. She had to read this as her last trade book of fourth grade. Her Language Arts teacher chose this book as their last read of the school year. Back in April, her teacher thought it would be a great book to teach students about Autism, and she shared her own personal experiences to her class about working with students living with Autism. Plus, it was in honor of Autism Awareness month. I loved her teacher for that!

Overall, I highly would use this book to teach students in elementary school years about Autism. It would not be the only book I recommend to teach about Autism, and it’s defiantly a good book to read as a class. There are many topics that can be taught early on in the education system, and Autism is one of them that children can learn about.

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