Interview with Corben Heaver as an autistic union advocate

Employment has still been a big issue in the disability community for years. People with autism are more unemployed and working lower wage jobs than people living with other disabilities. Although, there is one guest that I brought on who is advocating for that change as a union advocate. Here is my latest guest in the guest interview series on “The World of Autism”:

Corben Havener

Corben Heaver is a young autistic adult from Indiana. The goal of his work as a union advocate is to change the statistics of people with disabilities when it comes to employment. Corben strives to make changes in regards to workplace’s perceptions about employees with disabilities, as well helping to improve workplace conditions for people with disabilities to work. Want to learn more about Corben and his union advocacy work? Check out the interview I did with Corben here:

Do you think more workplaces need to change their perceptions when it comes to hiring people with disabilities? Also, do you know any inclusive companies hiring people with disabilities? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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