Interview with Amber White as neurodivergent BCBA

Dreams can become a reality by setting your mind and heart to it. Let me tell you that it truly has for my latest guest: Amber White is an neurodivergent BCBA in Texas. Growing up, she knew she was different, but was often misdiagnosed. Her expereinces working with the neurodiverse population helped her learn moreContinue reading “Interview with Amber White as neurodivergent BCBA”

Release the mask

Did you know a lot of autistic people engage in masking? Masking ​is ​​​hiding or suppressing your true self to try to fit in or meet someone’s standards​. This can occur for anyone, and it’s been used a lot for autistic people due to trying to fit in with society. Masking can be intentional or mayContinue reading “Release the mask”

Mental Health Matters

May is mental health awareness month! Did you know neurodivergent people are more likely to engage in masking due to avoiding negativity and acting neurotypical to fit in the world? This makes it more important than ever to look after your own mental health. How can anyone focus more on their own mental health? HereContinue reading “Mental Health Matters”

Transition into adulthood

When a neurodiverse child reaches the age of 14, school case managers can begin talking with them about transitions into adulthood. This can include: attending post secondary education, vocational trade school, getting a full time job, etc. I recall my high school case manager Mr.Schaffer talking with me about my future after high school whenContinue reading “Transition into adulthood”

Importance of consent and assent

When it comes to any kind of therapy services like ABA, gaining consent and assent from clients & their families are super important. First thing people think is about the difference between consent and assent. What is the difference? Consent is about expressing willingness or giving permission to do an activity or have services. ThisContinue reading “Importance of consent and assent”

Interview with Luisa Rinaudo as speech pathologist of The Therapy Garden

Who knows of a speech pathologist providing their own private practice!? Meet Lusia Rinaudo: Luisa graduated from Seton Hall University with her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and Special Education in 2019. In 2021, she continued her schooling at Seton Hall with a Master’s in Science in Speech Language Pathology. Luisa has found a passionContinue reading “Interview with Luisa Rinaudo as speech pathologist of The Therapy Garden”

4 reasons for behaviors

Did you know behaviors communicate something to people? Behaviors tells people what someone is communicating. It can be for any of the 4 reasons: getting out of something (escape), gaining attention from adult/peer (attention), gaining access to a preferred item or activity (tangibles), or provides personal simulation/pleasure (sensory). Here is a visual of the 4Continue reading “4 reasons for behaviors”

Michelle Zeman- Advocate for change

I got a returning guest who shares an important message with our community. Meet our returning guest, Michelle Zeman: Michelle Zeman is an autistic BCBA from Orlando, Florida. Besides being a BCBA providing ABA therapy for nuerodiverse clients, she’s been advocating for legislation to approve bills about increasing safety in schools for neurodiverse students byContinue reading “Michelle Zeman- Advocate for change”

The 3 powerful A’s

Its autism month! I think about how much I’ve grown throughout my life as an autistic. Also, we all know autism is lifelong. It’s important to keep in mind the 3 powerful A’s that are impactful within the autism and neurodiverse community: Awareness: My parents knew I was not meeting developmental milestones compared to myContinue reading “The 3 powerful A’s”

Interview with Desiree Campos as CEO of Abel’s Dream Foundation

Did you know there are organizations out there in the world to help families with neurodiverse children and adults? Meet Desiree Campos: Desiree Campos is a CEO of Abel’s Dream Foundation. Her non-profit organization became a resource and service for families with neurodiverse children and adults based on her own experiences as a parent forContinue reading “Interview with Desiree Campos as CEO of Abel’s Dream Foundation”