Approaches for increasing communication and social skills

In Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), did you know behavior analysts use many approaches to increase people’s communication and social skills?

Here are some interventions and procedures used in ABA to increase people’s communication and social skills:

  1. Verbal operant approaches:
Verbal behaviors

2. Functional Communication Training (FCT): a differential reinforcement of alternative behavior (DRA) approach in which teaches people ways to communicate that serve the same function as the interfering behavior/skill/response.

3. Discrete Trail Training (DTT): a systematic approach to teach a new skill/behavior/response in small repeated steps.

4. Imitation and modeling: a live demonstration of the behavior/response/skill in which an individual learns to imitate a new behavior/response/skill.

Do you anymore interventions or procedures to help increase communication or social skills? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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